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Let me tell you a story. If you want the more corporate bio you can click here or scroll below the story. 

I was born in a small Native American village in North America.

My ancestor came 400 years ago from Northern France. 

He was a Jesuit, a Catholic monk. 

On its way to a meeting, he and his group of men were ambushed by Mohawks warriors.

My ancestor shot one and the man passed away instantly.

My ancestor was able to flee, but decided to go back as one of the men in the group had been taken away. 

They were beaten by 200 men with clubs and my ancestor had his finger pulled from this hand. The Mohawks had a tradition of fearlessness and manhood, any man who screamed or complained while being worked on was automatically sent to the other world... 

The fate of my ancestor was given to a woman... the wife of the man he killed. Few people know this, but the Mohawks had a matrilineal system in which women took the most important decisions... so my ancestor's faith was in the hands of this woman.

As you can imagine, if I am writing those lines, it is because she gave him mercy. He spent a few years as a slave, learned the language, and became a diplomat, the first European to ever be on the Native American council. He managed the first Peace Treaty in 1645.

I worked as a Digital Producer with brands like Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Nike, Disney, BMW, Beats by Dre, Durex, Tiffany, Fendi, HP, Hertz as well as consulting for start-ups, entrepreneurs and ad agencies around the world. I am a specialist of doing business in the China market as well as in Western countries. 

I have been based in Asia for about 15 years living in the biggest Metropolis on Earth, traveled in dozens of countries around the world, I speak Japanese/French/English fluently and have a decent level in Chinese.

But I always remind myself that I come from a small village. When I look back, and when I look back at some of my old friends, some who are more intelligent and have more money, I cannot believe that I reached such a high position in life. 

When something goes wrong I often asked myself: if my ancestor made it through the Atlantic, the Boreal forrest, murder, slavery and survival... what am I complaining about?

My problems are really small compared to his. My situation could be much worse. 

Corporate Biography

Stoic & Zen is a platform created by MC, a North American entrepreneur who has been based in Asia for about 15 years.

MC worked as a Digital Producer leading teams of strategists, technologists and creatives to work on digital projects with clients such as PorscheMercedesAudi, Nike, Disney, BMWBeats by Dre, Durex, Tiffany, Fendi, HP, Hertz as well as consulting for start-upsentrepreneurs and ad agencies around the world. MC is a specialist of doing business in China and in Western countries. 

Fluent in Japanese/French/English, advanced Chinese level, and a bit of German up his sleeves, MC first came in contact with Stoicism while studying Philosophy at the university, discovered Buddhism while living in Thailand in 2000 and had his first real-life contact with Zen around 2004 in Japan

MC got a scholarship to study at a top-notch university in Tokyo, spent a few years working in Japan before relocating to China after the Lehman Brothers crisis. MC has the equivalent of 2 BAs in terms of courses taken in PhilosophyInternational Business and Asian Studies

MC is currently a self-employed consultant who helps entrepreneurs focus on what they are good at: bringing the money in.

MC builds online digital platforms for self-employed businessmen and SMEs. MC also mentors people who want to start their own business, have better relationships and/or upgrade their operating system to be the better version of themselves. If more focus, more discipline, better relationships, find meaning in life... sounds great, you are at the right place. 

MC helps people find ideas, create brandsexecute strategies, build platforms as well as scale businesses for both the China market and Western markets.  

MC's interests include road bike cycling, zen meditation, technology, training at the gym, cigars, pipe smoking, snus, tea, UFCboxingfishing, personal development, reading, hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, style and suits. (If you know where I could go hunting and fishing drop me a line.) 

Born in 1980, MC aka Martin Couture, a European-Caucasian from French ancestry, is now married, self-employed and proud father of a little girl.

We welcome you to the Zen & Stoic Tribe!

(I know, I look young, but I am really turning 40 soon... no special cream and no Photoshop)

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