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A Stoic Zen Red Pill
Seeing the world through a pair of new eyes.
Porn and Stoicism
What would Stoics say about pornography?
Similitudes: Stoicism and Buddhism
“A Stoic is a Buddhist with attitude.” -Nassim Taleb
What are Stoicism and Zen Buddhism: STOICISM [Part 3/3]
An overview of the core concepts of Stoicism.
Buddhism and Stoicism: East Meets West
It was already all mixed 2,000 years ago...
10 Best Books About Stoicism
A review of the 10 best books about Stoicism.
10 Best Books About Zen Buddhism
A review of the 10 best books about Zen.
What are Stoicism and Zen Buddhism: BUDDHISM [Part 2/3]
Overview of the core concepts of Buddhism and Zen
What are Stoicism and Zen Buddhism: intro [Part 1/3]
Intro to the overview of Zen Buddhism and Stoicism
Zen Meditation: How to Meditate
A practical guide on how to meditate zen-style

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